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With Achico-Xion, viewers have gotten used to see high-quality cosplay pictures on a regular basis - and yet, some of them still manage to catch us off guard by the effort and the sensitivity that was obviously put inside it.

Here, the photographer had the clever idea to slightly tilt the camera to bring dynamism to what could have looked too static otherwise. The setting wasn't a random choice either: the brick pillar serves as a subtle reminder of Twilight Town's clocktower's architecture and colour scheme, as well as bringing more red in the picture to produce the illusion of a dusk-y lighting.

The cosplayers are believable as the characters they impersonate, down to the height difference between Axel and his two friends. The work on the coats is especially worth mentioning: you'd think they took them out of the game itself! And - a very important point when you group-cosplay as Organisation members - they don't look mismatched at all, although they were probably done separately.

However, it should be noted that not everything's perfect, and that some details could have been further improved: Axel's sleeves are supposed to be skin-tight, and its cosplayer's facial expression and posture are a bit too far away from how the character actually looks in the game. Also, unlike the coats, the shoes don't match, and could use some work to look more like the Organsiation boots.

That being said, this is still a beautiful picture that will undoubtedly melt the hearts of many Kingdom Hearts fans - and hopefully inspire many cosplayers and photographers to look for the little things that make a cosplay picture visually powerful.
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Achico-Xion Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Oh my gosh, thanks! ;w;

I love the idea of PitonPhotography, and this photo is gorgeous only because of him :heart: (P.S.: the setting isn't at all random, we were really high! I was afraid to fall, ahahah XD [link])

I'm so happy that our coats look similar :heart: To be honest, we weren't a planned group...we just found each other the day before and we decided to take some photos together :D

Well, I love that Axel because he's really cool ;w; The "strange" expression is because we were far away from the photographer and we didn't know when he was shooting or not! Stay in the same pose for a long time is a little bit awkward, lol XD

Thanks again, you are so kind! >w< :heart:
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